to bring about


is simply to engage

to smear the


across some local page

when hemoglobin

gets stirred ‘up’

in CLASSLESS subterfuge


has entwined “LINES”

confusion turns deluge

the “final” realizations

are marred by cut -n- paste

and the many loved ones

are left with HOMINAL WASTES



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… Hints

These cycles of


keep giving “smarts”

“a” try


showing CRUMBLES

come NOW soon

sweet by-and-bye”

Dress Suits’

“fit” is just Neckties

Dress Shoes

the soles MY Prints

World’s populace

gone mindless


ALL ‘Faith’s’


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… to hold


at the first
this ruse called
“trickle down”
gave the public
“Gipp’s” rah-rah
now the ‘rulers’
stand at turn-around
as those chatised
yawlp guffaws

it’s a symptom
of society
soundly PAVLOV-ED
to extremes
lost the way
to hold our
“pride” aloft
fraying fabrics
so it seems

in ‘WHO’S’ “trust”
do we believe
FOR ‘thy self”
campaign promises
BOUGHT then sold
of the “TRUTHS”
so many grasping for
is palm oil
too thick to hold

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… not crest




A ‘PARENT’S’ RIGHT to provide the BEST TOOLS for their offspring to have a more than “fighting chance” for achievement and personal/mental WELL-BEING is the primary goal of LIFE since the Amoeba became a Flatworm. The progressions of the evolvement of Cells to grow into what “WE” are is a greatness and, a question of “US”.

Couple the “group direction” and, anchor, called “society” and the many transitions of “US” is either “history” or “future shock”. ALL in between is…

Having “a” say in ‘what’ good one wishes to hand over to the “next” has had SUBLIMINAL, (https://www.google.com/#q=wilson+bryan+key), influences that ‘authorities’ have been “DISNEY-ING” away for some time.


And, YOU believe that those you trust to make the world better are doing so. Remember YOUR first DISNEY movie? ( Look into the subliminals IT sank into you.) “Edutainment”.



homogenize the brainwaves
subtract those who will think
societal individuals
know this world’s near brink

the poof gone felt by Scarlett
is common cored sans seeds
without the slave-“like” numbered
no fodder for the greeds

they have no sense of homines
no care of “THEY-IS-US”
small fractions causing dramas
instead of loaf just crust

the sad part IS ‘WE’ razed ’em
when should have BUILT to BESTS
in waves that will not crest

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Sky: Squared

sky squaredas ‘managerial’ lashes had been delivered

A.T. Will cringed at the thought of being culpable

to render “fear” upon one that continues to prove

more than capable than the chained GANG

that  conspired the protection of ineptness


walking from the “pit”

to relieve the welting of astonishment

Tobacco rose as ring

to be greeted by Nature

reversing what I thought I knew

as correct

( Psalm57)







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… by disturbed



“We” sit at screen to express our whatever(s), and those ARE “our” gawd-gibbon* rites. The fact that there are so many that use this tool to invade another’s whatever is the problem that is growing into our leaving the ‘world’ to the “INMATES”.


don't even think it!

don’t even think it!

Rich ‘politicians’ are CURRENTLY “fluffing” the ‘judiciary’ to ask YOU to give THEM more money, (“ENDLESS FUNDING(S)”.), so that they can provide YOU LESS PROTECTIONS during their tin-yores of having free orifice space on the Eastern side of this country.  Add the factor of many of these are going to be campaigning in others’ neighborhoods, “living” from ho(e-)tel to HO(E-)TEL, needing to “find” ‘something’ to fill the restive times between…

Facebook will provide the “face-time” needed.

“Imagine, if YOU will” that CALIGULA has been rightfully “rouged” into office as a SENATOR… from California… L.A. IS part of their “dis-tricked”, accessibility to the best of Hollywood’s “facial” recognitional/ GPS toggled “vin-does” “LAP-TOPPED” ‘gubmint’ accessorization.

Is the “picture” clear enough?

so ‘sick’s’ now “social”
once removed
of what “they” look at
won’t disprove
the rich by “needy”
not much their fault

“and so it goes”
said Elerbee
so off the track
our citizenry
where’s next of step
some rouge-lumed ‘burb
the city “screened”
stocked by disturbed

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… someone’s wife




“A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE”, Forest Long AND, Malcolm X would be lacerating Ms. Jones’ epidermal geography with a HAWTHORNE switch, if they’d been able to witness her debasement of ALL they’d worked… and DIED FOR. The fact that this woman has a fairly good paying job has gone to show the FACT that THIS generation of AMERICAN BORN and, RAZED “people-of-colour” have adopted their own dress codification of “BEIGE” SHEET couture.

No matter how “educated” the TOOL, if it is USED, (“self”, or as the ASS-emblematic “avenue”…), to facilitate WRONG it SHOULD be “dismantled”, so that NO FURTHER “DESTRUCTIVES” may ensue.

Leslie Jones’ first introduction to the ‘national’ television audience was, clearly geared toward the TOKOWITZ’ on that Sabbat eve. I’m sure that their ‘approval’ will go far in making her career a “SUCK-Cess”. In THIS time of historic RACIAL  THUGGERY I have great trepidation for WHO “we’re” handing a FUTURE ‘to’… REVERSIONISTS, or REVELATORS.

As of the opening salvo, Africa’s gift here is trying to become re-gifted.


ol’ j. brown told this to the best
“oh to be the EDUCATED IDIOT”
‘our’ children “seem” to have a flaw
history’s truths they have no fit

as to the minor intellect
it’s grasped thrown hates as gold
just to have diploma’d job
for “change” ancestry again sold

to brag of being of fair stock
while first impression FAILED
is wonder why progress IS blocked
kudos for smarter males

no character while writing one
too dark to ‘imitate life’
the sadder part of this “how dumb”
crass ad to be someone’s wife

Just what did they teach this person growing "up"?

Just what did they teach this person growing “up”?

P.S.: Did YOU notice that, NOT ONE of the names driveled were of the Sciences:Agriculture= G.W. CARVER, Medicine= Dr. Charles DREW, Finance= Alexander HAMILTON, Architecture= Benjamin BANNEKER. Go figure… COLOR-adieu U ‘grad’.

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